Just a little vintage dancehall mix done after sorting some old 45s. Special guest apperiance by Thomas’ 1976 vintage Moto Guzzi – Rebel wheelie wheelie with 90° V-twin engine at 80mph!


Maddest Lyrics


Oh ok, everybody has his own taste and opinion. But nobody can say Busy Signal don’t have lyrics & delivery, as you can see in this video from a french radiostation. Well, with that being said, I still wonder why the artist chat about “the maddest lyrics” pon a Major Lazer tune when there aren’t ANY lyrics but just pure jump up electro beat (I refuse to call this riddim & bassline)… To each his own, but reggae drum and BASS for me, you can keep the bumaye techno.

Rebel With A Cause

Another blog from a little german sound about the german/european dancehall soundsystem scene? Not quite. Just another platform for a reggae music fan and selector to express his OWN views and opinions about certain topics, since the internet is the place to do this nowadays, beside the dancehall itself…

And of course the place to get all latest news about the vibes machine from Frankfurt!