Keeping Soundclash Alive

Just some humble thoughts about the situation of soundclash… from a diehard fan of this niche in the reggae-dancehall universe.
For a couple of years i hear different people say soundclash is dead and i wonder why. In my opinion it’s the simple fact – for europe – that people are tired of the same again and again. The same hype soundclashes styled like stageshows with 6 or more sounds and selectors acting like the biggest stars, while they just play for maybe an hour or two each. Why not a clash like the old days? One on one, from early warm up till dance done and one sound dead and buried! Maybe you could draw more people who are not too deep into clash and get them into it. Or turn a juggling into war, when you’re sure people will follow that move. But with respect!
Those who travelled miles for any clash back in the 2k years run their own sounds or just retired from the scene to focus on job and family. The younger folks who attend the juggling dances today mostly aren’t interested in soundclash, they’re more into dancing-moves and rave-style party with dancehall-dubstep-crossover music. Next thing are the sounds who charge high prices for playing a clash and promoters who refused from promoting clashes cause of exactly those problems (high salary for sounds and less patrons willing to pay big money for entry).
So what is the solution? i don’t claim to say i know it. but i think it’s up to the sounds to draw the people into soundclash! younger sounds need to stop thinking they have to cut 50 custom-build specials to even just participate a clash.
And most important for me: sounds need to respect each other and have fun so the patrons will have fun too.
At the end of the day it’s all about music… Respect



After we took a few small steps back in the business last year, we now found a nice location for a little dance. Dribbdebach (means on the other side of Main-River) where people are celebrating in sometimes very strange, square or just bad pubs, bars and clubs ever since (nice sport on the way through all these freaky folks is to count bachelor-parties – who spots the most or the weirdest wins), are still some cool clubs like Stereobar: Small but very nice, not the loudest soundsystem in town but still enough to have a nice juggling dance. After the first party on january 25th together with Shelly L and notorious babbler (chatter) General Schoppe, we’re going to make this a regular event. Watch out for Flyers or Facebook events… Stay Rebel and keep it rockin!


Abtsgässchen 7


Quakin & Shakin


Sound Quake Dubplate Mix

There’re nuff new sounds in germany right now buzzing a little hype. But we shouldn’t forget some of the veterans, Sound Quake in this case. This is still one big bad & heavy machine! One of my most favorite sounds from all over europe. In my humble opinion they need to come back to the sound clash game, that would be lethal. Hear ya!

Sound Quake Dubplate Mix

“Sound Quake diggin’ deep in the crates and featuring some one-away specials that no other sound can play and some old dubs that were setting dust for a good while now….
This is Sound Quake’s first “official” dubplate mix ever and the first release from the Sound Quake Soundsystem after years. Mixed and compiled by Killa Hille, EFX by Pretty Zuke.

The CD is a digipak collector’s item in fine style! Now available in a limited edition:

Free Download One Track:

Free Download Seperate Tracks:

1. SEEED – Accapella
2. Luciano – Acoustic Special
3. Lloyd Brown – I Know
4. Culture – Two Sevens Clash
5. Fred Locks – Black Star Liner
6. Gregory Isaacs – Alone
7. Freddie McGregor – Big Ship
8. Don Carlos – Late Night Blues
9. Lloyd Parks – Ordinary Man
10. Buju Banton – Destiny
11. Aswad – Love Fire
12. Alton Ellis & Junior Ellis – Too Late
13. Lloyd Parks – Mafia (Live in Hamburg)
14. Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Kutchie
15. Ranking Joe – It Haffi Bun
16. F. McGregor & Louie Culture – Bogus Badge
17. Candyman – Mr. Indica
18. Leroy Sibbles – Get In The Groove
19. Glen Washington – I Just Want To Love You
20. George Nooks – Tribal War
21. Culture – Zion Gate
22. Max Romeo – Evening News
23. Luciano – Guess What’s Happening
24. Shinehead – Promises
25. Tanya Stephens – Big Heavy Gal
26. Tristan Palmer – Cuss Cuss
27. Barry Brown – Far East
28. Lloyd Brown & Sanchez – Rocksteady/Since You’ve been Gone
29. Beres Hammond – Groovy Little Thing
30. U-Roy – Everybody Bawling
31. Derrick Morgan –Conquering Ruler
32. Horace Andy – Don’t Try To Use Me
33. Frankie Paul – Curfew
34. Lloyd Parks – Reservation For Two
35. Winston Francis – Mr Fix It
36. Sizzla – You A Fake
37. Mikey General – Step Pon Dem Again
38. Tanya Stephens – Man Fi Rule
39. Glen Washington – Play Mr Music
40. Cornel Campbell & Jah Stitch – Please Be True/The Killer
41. Alton Ellis – Let Him Try
42. Enos McLoud – The Look aka Cheater
43. Glen Adams – Miss Winey
44. Luciano & Mikey General – Sound Doctor
45. Singing Melody & Bunny General – Drum Pan Dead
46. Half Pint – Love Zone
47. Malibu & Screechie Joe – Screechie Cross No Border
48. Hopeton James – In The Mood
49. Derrick Harriot – Tonight Tonight
50. Glen Washington & Prince Mohammed – Bubbling Love
51. Glen Washington – Surprise
52. Sugar Minott – Stronger Than Before
53. Sugar Minott – In The Ghetto
54. Cocoa Tea – Party People
55. Carlton Livingston – Itch It Up Operator
56. Fred Locks – Girls Like Dirt

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