Keeping Soundclash Alive

Just some humble thoughts about the situation of soundclash… from a diehard fan of this niche in the reggae-dancehall universe.
For a couple of years i hear different people say soundclash is dead and i wonder why. In my opinion it’s the simple fact – for europe – that people are tired of the same again and again. The same hype soundclashes styled like stageshows with 6 or more sounds and selectors acting like the biggest stars, while they just play for maybe an hour or two each. Why not a clash like the old days? One on one, from early warm up till dance done and one sound dead and buried! Maybe you could draw more people who are not too deep into clash and get them into it. Or turn a juggling into war, when you’re sure people will follow that move. But with respect!
Those who travelled miles for any clash back in the 2k years run their own sounds or just retired from the scene to focus on job and family. The younger folks who attend the juggling dances today mostly aren’t interested in soundclash, they’re more into dancing-moves and rave-style party with dancehall-dubstep-crossover music. Next thing are the sounds who charge high prices for playing a clash and promoters who refused from promoting clashes cause of exactly those problems (high salary for sounds and less patrons willing to pay big money for entry).
So what is the solution? i don’t claim to say i know it. but i think it’s up to the sounds to draw the people into soundclash! younger sounds need to stop thinking they have to cut 50 custom-build specials to even just participate a clash.
And most important for me: sounds need to respect each other and have fun so the patrons will have fun too.
At the end of the day it’s all about music… Respect


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